Life beyond century rides. Are you ready?

2023... get ready.

  • 3/18 - ACP 200k / RUSA 100k
  • 4/8 - ACP200k x2
  • 4/22 - ACP 300k x2
  • 5/6 - Flèche
  • 5/27 - ACP 400k
  • 6/10 - ACP 600k

RUSA events will be announced later in the season. Plans for a fall 100k and possibly a few additional  200ks are in the works.

There was talk in the region about running an SR600k.  The current plan is to schedule the SR600 in the fall after PBP.  600km with 8,000+m of climing in 40 hours or less.  Will be wild.


Electronic Proof of Passage (EPP)

This permits us to go mostly paperless.

If electing to use electronic proof of passage, you will need to upload your ride to a publicly available site (e.g., strava, ridewithgps).  Please ensure your ride is set to 'public' or similar availability.

After the ride, you will get an email with a link to a page where you should fill in your finish time and provide a link to your uploaded ride (e.g., or  Please do so as soon as you can so that final results may be submitted to RUSA.
You can even leave public comments on the ride from that same form.

In anticipation of potential GPS file corruption, it is recommended that you use a secondary (or even tertiary) documentation such as timestamped photos at each control and/or a completed brevet card.

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