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Flatish loop westbound out of Cleveland, spending lots of miles on the North Coast Inland trail. Enjoy the eastbound return leg's tailwind (usually!) back along Lake Erie. 7/14/2024: Updated Route link here. Cue sheet here.  Please print and bring with you.  Sugges... Show Details


Randonneuring is long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. This style of riding is non-competitive in nature, and self-sufficiency is paramount. When riders participate in randonneuring events, they are part of a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of the sport of cycling in France and Italy. Friendly camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring.  For more information about randonneuring in the US, check out

New Randonnuers

Registration for, and participation in, any and all events held by Ohio Randonneurs or RUSA requires an active RUSA membership and membership number. Temporary or expired membership numbers up to the date of the event will NOT work and results CANNOT be backdated.  Please consider renewing or beginning RUSA membership well in advance of calendared events to avoid completing events with no RUSA or ACP credit and tracking.  Join here

Additionally, I commonly use the following two resources to send out announcements:


   Google Group (email list):

I recommend you join one or the other (or both), depending on your preferences, to get the latest announcements! 

Returning Randonneurs

You must update your Ohio Randonneurs membership for 2024 before you register for any events. Go to "Club" tab under logo > Update/Renew Membership and follow the instructions.  Further details here.
If you try to register for a ride and see "Membership Expired", do not fret, this is why.  Just update as described above and you'll be set.
This helps us ensure your contact information is current, so thank you!

Ohio Fleche Annoucement!

This is an announcement for the Ohio Flèche on May 4th-5th! Team captains must communicate their routes to Dave Buzzee ASAP to participate.  

If you are interested but do not have a team, please contact Dave and me ASAP, and we will see what matches we can make. While the event is a month out, the pre-ride logistics are imminent!  

If you are already part of a team, make sure that all team members are registered here before April 19th! Sooner is better!



2024 Ohio Region Calendar Announcement!

Hello All! RUSA has approved our 2024 Calendar, and it is officially live! We have a ton of events in store for the next year with stuff for everyone. We have you covered if you want to enjoy a scenic pop or tackle 27,000ft of climbing. 

First up, we will have our opening weekend out of Xenia, Ohio, with a concurrent 100/200. With Ohio, this could be lovely, or it could be bitterly cold like last year. 

  • 2024/03/23 RUSAP  100 km - Caeser Creek - Jamestown Populaire
  • 2024/03/23 ACPB   200 km - Xenia-Russell's Point 200k

Then, we will have our ACP Series running from April through June and the Flèche ending at Chateau Buzzee. We will be dusting off some of the routes that haven't been used in a while for the Series.   The 200/300 will be out of the Springfield, Ohio, area, and the 400/600 will be out of Macedonia. I need to do some legwork this winter to ensure the starting locations and controls are current. For anyone put off by last year's climbing, I can't promise flat, but they are flat compared to 2023!

  • 2024/04/06 ACPB   200 km - Springfield-Troy 200km
  • 2024/04/27 ACPB   300 km - Springfield-Troy-Russell Pt 300km
  • 2024/05/04 ACPF   360 km - To Señor Buzzee's! Saturday Start, Sunday Finish!
  • 2024/05/18 ACPB   400 km - Macedonia-Meadville-Sandy Lake 400K
  • 2024/06/08 ACPB   600 km - Macedonia-Meadville-Salem 600K

New this year, we will have two Rouleur series!

A Columbus area series hosted by Dave Buzzee runs April-June.  Routes TBD. 

  • 2024/04/21 RUSAP  100 km - TBD
  • 2024/05/11 RUSAP  125 km - TBD
  • 2024/05/26 RUSAP  150 km - TBD
  • 2024/06/15 RUSAB  200 km - TBD

Additionally, a North East Ohio series hosted by Lynn Clark and Elly Winer runs from June to August. 

  • 2024/06/23 RUSAP  100 km - Likely  Gervasi-Salem-Hartville Loop
  • 2024/07/07 RUSAP  125 km - TBD
  • 2024/07/20 RUSAP  150 km - TBD
  • 2024/08/10 ACPB   200 km - Wooster Amish Clockwise 200k

Both Rouleur Series will converge with a Dart Populaire ending in Mt Vernon on July 27th.

  • 2024/07/27 RUSAF  120 km

Finally, we will return to Zanesville for another running of the 8k600k. While difficult, this ride ended up being incredibly scenic and will be run again in 2024 by request. 

  • 2024/09/21 ACPB   600 km

Between these and the events put on by our neighboring region, there is no lack of events to ride in 2024. Ensure your RUSA membership is current, and I'll see everyone in March! If you are looking for an extrinsic motivator in the short term, I highly recommend you check out Coffeeneuring (, which just started up. 



Electronic Proof of Passage (EPP)

This permits us to go mostly paperless.

If electing to use electronic proof of passage, you will need to upload your ride to a publicly available site (e.g., strava, ridewithgps).  Please ensure your ride is set to 'public' or similar availability.

After the ride, you will get an email with a link to a page where you should fill in your finish time and provide a link to your uploaded ride (e.g., or  Please do so as soon as you can so that final results may be submitted to RUSA.
You can even leave public comments on the ride from that same form.

In anticipation of potential GPS file corruption, it is recommended that you use a secondary (or even tertiary) documentation such as timestamped photos at each control and/or a completed brevet card.

2024 Club Overview

85 People

Total Club Distance
10,727 Miles

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Jul 20

Cleveland - Edgewater Park Upper Parking Lot - Ohio
RUSA 100
Members: $15.00
Guests: $15.00
6 registered

Jul 27

Mt Vernon - Happy Street Brü Werks - Mt Vernon
Members: $15.00
Guests: $15.00
4 registered

Aug 10

Wooster - West Parking Area - Wooster
ACP 200
Members: $20.00
Guests: $20.00
2 registered

Sep 21

Zanesville - Quality Inn & Suites - Zanesville
ACP 600
Members: $15.00
Guests: $15.00
3 registered
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