Ohio Randonneurs


Flèche rules - a synopsis

Revised September 2015

See here for full set of rules

  1. This is a 24 hour thing via ACP and RUSA. Get on it.
  2. Only one organized flèche in a RUSA region per year.
  3. No rest stop may exceed two hours in any one location.
  4. Not a race. Riders must be civil at all times, obey laws.
  5. Min of 3 members, max of 5, tandems count as one. Can only help your team, not other (except emergency). Can only draft own team.
  6. No following cars. Support only at controls. No assistance from other motorized non-participants, except for medical emergency.
  7. Human power only. Front and rear lights, firmly affixed & mounted for whole ride. Wear a reflective vest and ankle bands in low/no light. Helmet.
  8. …route details… In the case of forced detours due to road construction, accidents, etc., only the additional mileage verified by a postcard checkpoint or verification by a stamp/receipt from a merchant, post office, or police station at the far point of the detour will be counted.
  9. The start time and starting place approved with the team's registration must be used. All team members must have their route cards in their possession at all times during the ride.
  10. >25km (15.5mi) in last 2 hours of event. At the end of the 22nd hour of the ride, note time, elapsed distance and location on each route card. Get signature/stamp/receipt with location and time. If at 22 hour point where no verification is available, the time, distance, and location of the team shall be noted by the team members on their route card and get verification at next available point.
  11. Teams must have their location and time verified at the event destination point, or nearest town or village at the end of their 24 hours. Get signature/stamp/receipt etc with location and time
  12. At least 3 bikes must legally complete the team's course and arrive at the finish together. Only this group gets credit.
  13. Don’t cheat
  14. Don’t complain
  15. RUSA rules