Notes from the past

8k600k ACP Brevet

Next up on the docket for Ohio to close out the year is our 8k600k in Zanesville on the 23rd.  This challenging ride is a critical step toward the ACP10000 award and will prove that Ohio is not flat.  Registration will remain open until the 22nd at noon.   I should be at the hotel around 5 for bike checks, or if you need to, around 4:30 am on Saturday to check off gear.

There will be a group gathering for dinner at the old market house( around 6:00 on Friday.  Please let me know if you can make it.

I am excited to see y'all out there!


100th Anniversary 400k ACP Brevet

Next on the schedule this season is the 100th year anniversary ride of the very first 400k ACP brevet.

I semi selfishly put this ride on the calendar, wanting a flatter 400k and an option in our state to collect the special medal available for finishers. I will not have them to hand out at the finish. Please indicate if you would like one during or after the ride and I’ll get it out to you.

The route was used in 2021 during our regular ACP season. It is easily sequestered into 3 varying sections. The first 30ish miles leaving Oxford, Ohio is quite hilly and steep on rural roads leading to the bike trail near Miamisburg. The second section is a long winding false flat stretch across the Great Miami River bike trail, and the middle section features open country roads with a few surprise uphills leading to Bellefontaine.

Make sure to leave some legs for the final 30 miles, and perhaps consider starting out stronger. The 4pm start means you will need to cover 52 miles to be completely out of downtown Dayton, preferably by sundown. You will then need your best lights on the bike trail.

I did some riding this weekend on the Great Miami Bike trail and noticed two construction sites in Piqua. We can bypass both using this detour. Simply hop on County Road 25A into Piqua, which has a big shoulder and eventually a bike lane.

Registration will remain open until the night before the event. Remember this is an afternoon start! Much of this ride will take place in the dark


RBA Update!

Fellow Randos,

I’m excited to announce a new RBA for the Ohio/Columbus region of RUSA, Joshua Haley!

Josh has been one of the more active Randos at our brevets and permanents here in Ohio since relocating to our region. He has brought Randos from other states to join on our rides, has been a huge media component, and a bright face of positivity despite some immense challenges our region has faced. I have full confidence in his ability and commitment to the sport, and I am very excited about what’s to come with the program. It may be ironic, but also very fitting that the tradition of Florida Randos relocating to, and volunteering for, Ohio’s program continues on.

Josh joined the sport in 2016 down in the Central Florida region and has been a prolific trinket chaser with a RUSA cup, 6 R12's and counting, a K-hound, a few Fleche's and he just rounded out his 10th SR series here in Ohio. He joined Ohio Randonneurs in 2021 when he relocated to the Canton area with his wife and two young sons. While Josh's 'Florida' shows when it's hot and flat, he's become at home in the hills and can tolerate the cold and will often be spotted on the course with gas station pizza. He's currently keeping in shape for his second PBP this coming August. While not doing crazy distances, he enjoys the 'coffeenneuring' series in fall, and towing his boys in a trailer to the local park or coffee shop.

Josh will continue the SR series that Ohio has run since its founding, as well as the popular Fleche Velocio. I'm hearing rumors of a Rouleur series and Dart next year, as well as rumblings of a 1000k in a few years, so stay tuned!

In addition to Josh’s leadership, we have “revamped,” our volunteer team to further define and collectively agree upon the state and future of the region. We will see the continued technical knowledge of Jonathan Karpick on display, the topographic expertise and flèche hosting from David Buzzee, and volunteer commitments from myself, Toshiyuki Nemoto, Hugh Walsh, Lynn Clark, and others.

Josh is currently in his “RBA training period,” in which myself and others will be guiding him as he evaluates and submits results for events, and adapts to the roles and routines, culminating in the conclusion of my servitorship for the region at our 100k populaire in September. This will allow us to continue our full SR series and flèche traditions next year.

Lancaster-Marietta-London 600k: June 10-11

We conclude our regular SR series this weekend, as the riders take on the 600k Saturday. Route and registration are finalized on our website and RUSA approved.

The first day of this ride meanders through many of the same areas of the 400/300, using different roads and some different controls. It is the hilliest per mile of any event we’ve put on this year, minus the 200k.

The second day follows some of the flat 300 route. if the winds are in the riders’ favor, it should hopefully provide some relief after a full season of incredible climbing.

The ride will be run from the host hotel at the Baymont Inn in Lancaster. I have a room there Saturday and Sunday, in case anyone needs an emergency rest or shower. I will be in the area all weekend, seeing the beginning and end of both days. We have volunteers on the course for most of day 1, and emergency sag is available overnight.

There will be a mandatory lights and reflective kit inspection. You have the option of meeting Lynn Clark at the hotel lobby Friday at 8pm, or the day of the ride 4-4:45am Saturday.

There may be a post ride party in the lobby Sunday night…

Details and registration (which closes Thursday night!): here

-Alex B
Ohio RBA

"Immodestely Hilly" 400k : May 27

This Saturday, we begin taking on longer distances [ed: 300k isn't long?] and overnight rides as we step into the 400k ACP Brevet from Lancaster, Ohio.  This route begins at the Baymont Inn, though there are a few hotels in the area to choose from .  I hope you have your booking in already!

The route is hilly, "immodestly" as described by Buzzee.  Plan for a long day of ups and downs.  We will have full course coverage with volunteers.  Registration closes at midnight Thursday night.  Expect a few route tweaks/clarifications on Monday, and then we'll mark route, cue sheet, and brevet card as final.

Register here if you haven't yet done so!

-Alex B


Lancaster 300k's: April 22

Reminder: Flèche team registrations due by 4/22 to Buzzee (and each individual on each team should register through this site).

This coming Saturday, we are hosting 2x ACP 300ks, offering another hilly PBP prep route, and one flat route.

Both routes begin from the IHOP parking lot in Lancaster, OH. It is a 24 hour parking lot. There are several hotels and businesses in the area.

The flat route visits several trail systems and country roads south west of Columbus.

The hilly route makes a big loop around Hocking state forest and through Wayne national forest.


Registration closes Thursday 4/20 at midnight. We will have volunteers on course and at the start and finish.

Route links on webpage are finalized.

Seaman 200k's: April 8

We are about coming up on our first dual ACP brevets of the season, next Saturday, April 8. We have a challenging hilly route, and a flatter route to give you any option to match your fitness. Although both routes are ACP certified and will count the same for qualifying, PBP hopefuls should consider completing as many of our hilly routes this year as possible, to help make your attempt successful.

Our admin team is particularly excited about the hilly route. It includes a dip down to Manchester, then which includes the renowned Chicken Hollow, Suck Run and Big Run. Big Run is a pretty connection between Georgetown and Higgensport. For the flat route, the section between miles 45 and 85 provide interest often not found on flat routes, especially Achterman Road, and a relaxing section on the Little Miami Bike Path.

Both routes begin and end out of Seaman, Ohio from the parking lot of the Quality Inn, at 7am. There are restaurants nearby for breakfast.  Website links are finalized.

Registration will close at midnight next Thursday.

Volunteers will be on course, and at the start and finish.

Registration pages: hilly and flat


Keep your eye on the photos page for your contributions over the year.

Please do upload any photos you'd like to share here.


2023 Flèche

It’s not too late to register for the 2023 Ohio Randonneur flèche. Many randonneurs have compiled ride credit for the prestigious R-5000 recognition but still need to complete a flèche. Overall rules are at

As in other years, the ride starts the first Saturday morning in May at 07:00 at the location of your choice. Three to five bicycles per team, ride 360 km (224 miles) and arrive at 07:00 Sunday. The rides end at the condo of David Buzzee where we provide a welcoming hot breakfast, showers and a relaxed environment for telling tales.

More details on the registration page.


3/18 200k - Pre-Ride Report

On Saturday, I pre-rode the route for our 3/18 ACP 200k.

We have featured this route several times during my run as RBA. Not much has changed, but please note the starting location has moved from the Ramada to Xenia bike hub station. There is plenty of parking at the bike station, and a porta pottie. You will find me at the start and finish at the shelter in the middle of the parking lot. The restroom facility is closed for the season.

If you are seeking accommodation, I recommend the Hampton Inn on Progress Drive. The Ramada is now closed, and the other hotel/motel options in town are not great to say the least.

You will begin heading north on the Little Miami Scenic bike trail through downtown Xenia to Yellow Springs. Please use caution when crossing the road at the intersections through Xenia. You will have bike specific cross walks and a well marked route through the street, but that doesn’t mean cars will follow the law. Just past the police station, the trail switches from the left to the right side of the road and will you have to cross diagonally. Please follow the traffic crosswalks and do not illegally cut through the intersection.

After a long false flat to Yellow Springs on the trail, you will exit left and then right to begin heading north on rolling hill roads. You will have a series of small climbs culminating at the top of the valley crossing I70.

From here the route begins bending west and north. There are some punchy rollers and scenic views as you meander through North Hampton and then the small town of Thackery. This region houses several high dollar business and entertainment personalities, if you are lucky, as I was, you may see a private helicopter or jet flying by on your way to St. Paris.

The first control in St Paris is a Marathon on your right. Note that it is nearly 40 miles from the start. It has a restroom. There are a few other restaurants in the area if you want to grab a bigger meal on your way back. I may or may not be present at this control on your way out, depending on the dispersion of rider pace. I will not be there on the way back.

After St Paris, you’ll begin climbing up and down until reaching Kiser Lake. This is my favorite section of the ride, which culminates in a long descent into the lake valley, then a climb up and out of it. The route differs ever so slightly after this point, so please ensure you are using this year’s version!

The route changes terrain on the other side of Kiser Lake especially after passing through the small Amish/Mennonite town of DeGraff. From here on, you may share the road with horses and buggies on your way to Russell’s Point. The Amish/Mennonite community in this area is much smaller than those on the central/eastern portion of Ohio, but is still numerous enough to see and feel their presence.

In the middle of the route, you will spend a brief moment on 235 (about 5 miles total) where the shoulder narrows and traffic picks up as you enter Russell’s Point. Please use extra caution here.

The Marathon at Russell’s Point is a full service station with a restroom. Unfortunately the personnel here have historically been unkind to cyclists gathering in their parking lot. Please use the facility as necessary only after making a purchase, and perhaps consider a shorter stop. There will be no volunteers present at the turn around. There are several other small stores and restaurants in the area should you choose something else.

After that, you turn around and do it all over again!

This route is designed to be easier than our upcoming PBP prep series, but still features a few half mile climbs and some rollers peppered throughout the ride. The total climbing is estimated at about 3,500 feet. Strava recorded 3,800ft for me, and RWGPS said 4,400ft.

Your performance will most likely be dictated by the wind direction. Typical trade winds come in from the SW, meaning mostly headwinds and some tailwinds on the left turns heading back, but they were switched for me, which led to a faster finish.

We’ve had terrible luck with weather when hosting this route, so let’s hope Mother Nature gets it right this time!

Ride linke and registration

-Alex B


Happy New Year folks!

You’ve no doubt already dusted off your trainer, are putting work in the gym, and making selections for your main 2023 rides like PBP… Right?!

We hope you’ve left some room on your calendar for Ohio Randonneuring!

Take a look at our 2023 ACP schedule. This year, we’ve got something for everyone. Our early season rides will each have alternate “flat” and “PBP training routes.” PBP riders may have the option of pre riding one or more of the routes to give themselves more chances to qualify. (As protocol, we will still expect you to volunteer in some way throughout the season if you choose to preride.) Please contact Alex directly if this interests you.

Routes are being reviewed currently, and some of them are available to view on this website already. Our first event begins in Xenia, but we will be visiting southern central/western Ohio this year in search of hills and empty roads.

  • 3/18 - ACP 200k / RUSA 100k
  • 4/8 - ACP 200k X2
  • 4/22 - ACP 300k X2
  • 5/6 - Flèche
  • 5/27 - ACP 400k
  • 6/10 - ACP 600k

Later in the year, we are planning to host an SR600k (9/23) and possibly a dart. I need to hear from you if you’d like to ride the dart, nothing is set in stone yet! Other RUSA brevets may be scheduled periodically throughout the year.

Lastly, as previously promised, this will be my last year as your RBA. Applications are open for acceptance now to find a proper replacement. The earlier you get in, the better chance you have for proper preparation and successful continuation of the program in Ohio! Please contact me if interested in this, or any other volunteering opportunities.

Now get back to your base!

For Paris-Brest-Paris aspirants, keep an eye on  Pre-registration starts on 1/14 for those with a 1,000 km or more ACP or RM certified ride in 2022.

Other pre-registration dates based on longest certified ride in 2022:

  • 600km - 1/28
  • 400 km - 2/11
  • 300 km - 2/25
  • 200 km - 3/11

2023... get ready.

  • 3/18 - ACP 200k / RUSA 100k
  • 4/8 - ACP200k x2
  • 4/22 - ACP 300k x2
  • 5/6 - Flèche
  • 5/27 - ACP 400k
  • 6/10 - ACP 600k

RUSA events will be announced later in the season. Plans for a fall 100k and possibly a few additional  200ks are in the works.

There was talk in the region about running an SR600k.  The current plan is to schedule the SR600 in the fall after PBP.  600km with 8,000+m of climing in 40 hours or less.  Will be wild.

Cleveland-Amish-Devo RUSA 200k - registration closes Thursday night

This Saturday is our Cleveland-Amish-Devo RUSA 200k.  Registration closes Thursday night.

This is a mostly unsupported, RUSA brevet, so controls are not manned by fellow randonneurs.  The first two are manned by friendly convenience store employees. The third control is a photo control.

The ride finishes at XYZ, the tavern, so feel free to hang out for a bit, particulalry if you finish earlier than others!

If you are riding - please see a separate email for details - print and bring a cue sheet, and brevet card if you're not planning on using EPP (or like them for backup in case of GPS or other failures).

ACP Brevet Series - registration for 600k closes Wednesday night

Some course modifications were made after the 400k, primarily to avoid rutted roads and eliminate some info controls. This reduced the distance and climbing of day 1, and brings the total distance to exactly 600k. Day 1 remains challenging with many significant climbs, followed by a very flat and wooded day 2.

We will have a volunteer on course and a hotel room available Saturday night for those that don’t have one. The route and cue posted to the website are now final.

Registration closes tomorrow at 11:59pm

- Alex

ACP Brevet Series - registration for 400k closes Wednesday night

Just 2 events left in our ACP series now, beginning this Saturday on our 400k from Chillicothe. The challenging route features about 13,000ft of climbing (as estimated by RWGPS) and covers much of the same roads we saw on the 300k, until turning west from Wellston to Lucasville, then north on a short portion of the TOSRV route, and finally breaking northwest out to the turn around in Bainbridge where we will conquer the infamous Jester hill from both sides.

For series completionists, familiarize yourself with the route as we revisit it for day 1 of the 600k.

The route and cue sheet posted to our website are currently NOT final as we are finishing the cues for 2 info controls.

[Ed note: 51 feet per mile of climbing is in line with such rides as Paris-Brest-Paris and London-Edinburgh-London!]

Registration closes Weds 5/18 at 11:59pm.

-Alex B
Ohio RBA

For the love of the 1,000k

Here in Ohio, we're looking down the barrel at our 400k and the 600k.  Add them together, and what do you get?  1,000k!

Why the love for the 1,000k?

  1. It's shorter.  Yes, that's obvious, but 200k and 15 hours of difference is real.  It's two nights instead of three. Three days instead of four.  Your behind will be able to tell the difference.
  2. 1,000k's tend to be less formal.  Yes, well supported Grand Randonees are a hoot, but 1,000k's tend to be lower key affairs. Just get out and ride.  Visit the land's best gas stations.
  3. They're good prep for even longer rides.
  4. Gets you first pick of time slots for PBP next year
  5. Trinkets.  They're required for the RUSA Cup and ACP R-5000 & R-10000.

So, what 1,000k's are coming up?  Below is a list of 1,000k's not affiliated with a concurrent 1,200k. 

Date Region Ride Link
5/28 NE: Omaha Nebraska Sandhills 1000k info
5/28 TX: Dallas Hound Dog 1000k info
6/18 CO: Boulder St. Vrain Canyon - Ft. Morgan - Devil's Gulch info
6/24 WI: Western Tour of the Driftless 1000k info
8/13 CO: Boulder Lefthand Canyon - Pawnee Grasslands - Devil's Gulch info
9/8 CA: San Francisco TBD 1000k info
9/9 WA: Seattle Third Time's A Charm 1000k info
9/17 NJ: NYC and Princeton TBD 1000k info
9/22 PA: Eastern Endless Mountains Liberty Bell 1000k info
10/8 TX: Dallas La Bella Vickie Mille info
10/14 FL: Central Pine Island 1000k info

Pete Dusel's rides out of Rochester, NY don't quite qualify for the above table, as they tend to be in conjunction with 1200k's.  That said, Pete's rides definitely meet the spirit of this list with low support and high value. Info here.

Source: RUSA


The flèche teams were busy this past weekend.  Photos from the flèche and our other 2022 rides are available here.

Ohio Flèche

This weekend is the Ohio Flèche and we are proud to host 3 teams representing 5 different states combined.

“Are We There Yet?” - Representing Ohio, is comprised of some of our well known riders in our home state, captained by Ohio tech admin Jonathan Karpick

“Sagamores of the Wabash” Representing Indiana, is compromised of some of our friends and neighbors from across the border, captained by IN RBA Bill Watts. (Check out their Facebook group for an in-depth introduction to their team!)

“Buzzee’s Buzzards” - Some of our “Les Etrangers du midwest” return with other friends across several Midwest states, captained by Greg Smith

All three rides culminate at Buzzee’s house for the traditional Mother’s Day breakfast, which no doubt will feature endless anecdotes.

We are thrilled to be hosting our friends and neighbors and look forward to a great weekend! Good luck to our 3 teams.

Summer ride schedule

Ohio Randonneurs is planning hosting two RUSA brevets and a populaire in the 'late season' this year:

  1. Cleveland Amish Devo 200k July 23rd
  2. Wooster Amish Clockwise 200k August 20th
  3. Randonneuring 101 Populaire 100k Sept 10th

We'll get them on the calendar shortly

The Flèche, The Flèche!

Reminder: routes due to David by 4/9

See here.

Wooster 200k - weather update

Our 200k brevet will be held this weekend as scheduled. The weather will not be ideal but the threat of ice on the roads is now minimal. I will call a start delay if that ends up not being the case early morning.

Registration closes tonight at 11:59pm. No exceptions will be made this time around.

-Alex B
Ohio RBA

Upcoming Wooster 200k

Our second brevet of the season begins next Saturday, 4/9 at 8am. This route will feature more climbing than our first brevet, and will likely be sparsely supported. Please factor these two key elements into your decision making processes. A small route deviation is currently in the works. Please wait until the final version is posted before downloading.

I am actively seeking control volunteers. Please reach out to me again even if you have previously so I can get a head count. My decision to ride with the group or work controls will be based solely on weather this time.

The host hotel for this event was quite nearly booked the last I checked. We did not get enough early reservations to secure a discounted rate. You may consider adjacent lodging or other alternatives if you are traveling as the price is difficult to swallow.

The unfortunate pandemic-induced backlash I am facing this year is the incredible difficultly of locating hotels to begin our routes from that are both friendly, clean, and reasonably priced. Similar to the old saying in sales, you can only have 2 of 3, never all at once. Going forward, I’d like riders to envision the hotel suggested as merely a starting point, not required lodging. In the future I will consider running more events from parks or other public places.

Registration will close at 11:59pm Wednesday 4/6.

-Alex B
Ohio RBA


Ohio rando cycling is looking for in-person volunteers to help our brevets run smoothly. Our program in Ohio is strongly dependent on the wonderful folks on the sidelines that make our events more accessible, and welcoming than many other RUSA events.

Event day volunteers help with things such as monitoring and passing out snacks and/or drinks at controls, checking riders in at the start and finish, or driving the course to help rescue, photograph or “assist” riders. Volunteer support is fully funded by registration fees, and therefore will come at no cost to the volunteer. Volunteers can be family members, friends, or even active riders that may not be able to participate in the full event. Incentives may include free event registration, event pre rides, and more.

We currently do not have any scheduled volunteers for our March 12th brevet, and only a few suggested volunteers for the remainder of the series. With your RBA participating in the events with the group this year, additional support is welcomed throughout each event.

If you, or someone you know is interested in helping make our brevets the best they can be, please contact RBA Alex Bachmann at

-Alex B
Ohio RBA

Welcome to the 2022 Ohio Randonneurs Brevet Season

Can you believe we are just 4 weeks away from the start of another season?

Brevets this year will feature isolated back-country scenery, low traffic roads and hills – lots of hills. The PBP de facto climbing standard is approximately 45 ft per mile, 2900 ft per 100 km. After the flat March 12 200 from Xenia, the remaining brevets will have close to the PBP standard.

The Wooster 200 lies in the most traditionally Amish part of Ohio, arguably an area even more scenic than the Hocking Hills. Riders may choose to invite partners and friends to tour numerous attractions during the ride. While the 300, 400 and 600 are also in scenic parts of the state, they are less oriented to vacationers and visitors.

The 300, 400 and 600 all begin in Chillicothe, then travel South (to Gallipolis, with its French heritage) for the 300, or South and West for the 400 and 600. The Chillicothe headquarters motel is America’s Best Value Inn. It’s located in a working class/warehouse area, convenient to the routes, clean and affordable but not visually appealing. During the summer the motel provides long-term lodging for contract workers in Chillicothe. Because of this practice, it is best to make room reservations now!

All routes are in 911 emergency number zones. However, because the routes are in remote areas, cellular phone access may be limited. For this reason, it is especially important that you have tested your GPS unit or other form of navigation, and that you have a backup in the event of primary failure.

OR will use several information controls this year. You can satisfy the requirement either by answering the question to be provided at the start, or by providing an EPP for the completed route. We did our best to ensure passage through markets and 24-hour convenience, but with the economy in turmoil and many establishments shortening hours, you may not be able to entirely rely on on-route services for nutrition and hydration.

Before you start, please update your personal information, especially your emergency contact information. Also, before you start, confirm that your lighting meets or exceeds the RUSA standards. For example, tail lights must be visible from behind. Lights mounted on seat stays must be oriented directly to the rear. Those which fail this standard will be unable to start if riding in darkness is likely.

I fully intend to ride the series with the group this year. I’m not sure how my fitness will be post-accident, but in the event I am able to do so, protocol will change for post-ride completion confirmation. EPP is still the preferred practice, but should you choose to use a physical brevet card as your only means of tracking your ride, please pay close attention to the instructions on where to deposit your brevet card post-ride.

Lastly please continue to bear in mind the COVID-19 pandemic and its ongoing effect on our health and safety. All riders are STRONGLY encouraged to have full and up to date vaccination status. At the moment you won’t be expected to present vaccination cards, masks or sanitizers during check-in.


Our main series schedule

  • March 12 @ 8:00am = ACP 200k from the Ramada parking lot in Xenia, OH
  • April 9 @ 8:00am = ACP 200k from Comfort Suites in Wooster, OH
  • April 30 @ 6:00am = ACP 300k from America’s Best Value in Chillicothe, OH
  • May 7 @ 7:00am = Ohio Fleche to David Buzzee’s house in Columbus, OH
  • May 21 @ 6:00am = ACP 400k from America’s Best Value in Chillicothe, OH
  • June 4 @ 5:00am = ACP 600k from America’s Best Value in Chillicothe, OH


Other events

  • June 11 – ACP 300k anniversary ride with Indiana Randonneurs from Pokagon State Park in Angola, IN
  • September TBD - Randonneuring 101 Populaire from Cyclist Connection in Canal Winchester
  • October TBD – RUSA 200k from the Ramada parking lot in Xenia, OH

New website!

Welcome to the Ohio Randonneur's new website.

Since, by definition, you're new here, you'll want to register by choosing "Join Ohio Randonneurs" from the Club menu above.  Registering for your first ride will also complete your website registration.

There are no membership fees, but you do need to be a member of RUSA with an active RUSA number.

You will need to have a current RUSA membership in order to sign up for rides.

There's a common theme: keep your RUSA membership current!

Note the link to the blog in the upper right of this page (link). You'll find old RBA and ride reports there.


Ohio Randonneurs is affiliated with Randonneurs USA,
the national randonneuring organization for the United States

New to Randonneuring? Check out
Information for the First Time Randonneur

Ohio Randos 2022

The ball has dropped, the calendar changed, and old man winter snuck in with the blustery winds of the year passed. It’s officially 2022, and that means your base training and event planning has already begun… right?!

With the new year comes a few small changes to our program here in Ohio. You’ve probably already noticed the launch of our new website back in November. Be sure your membership on our page, as well as with RUSA, is active for 2022 ASAP. Four riders were turned away last year due to inactive membership, don’t let that be you in 2022!

2023 is a PBP year, which means many of you are planning to complete a full series, or possibly even a 1200k this year. Remember, the longer the distance you ride in an ACP event this year, the earlier you get access to send in that application! At this point, you’ve already started learning French, plotting out your bike and attended the PBP webinar. If not, you’re already behind! The next PBP webinar airs 2/6. Don’t miss it! (That includes myself!)

In Ohio this year, we have two opportunities to complete your ACP 200k, as well as the reintroduction of the Ohio Flèche. If you haven’t already started contact with your prospective teams for the flèche, send me an email expressing your interest and we’ll get you in contact with the right party members. A Facebook page and email thread will go up shortly for those in Southwest Ohio. Groups have started and/or expressed interest from Northern and central Ohio as well. 

Fair warning, our routes this year are hillier than last, all except the March 200k and the second day of the 600k. We’ve complied this time with the ACP standard of 6,000 feet per 200k to start warming up your climbing muscles for next year. 

The routes will take place in southern and central Ohio, with Chillicothe being our central city for the 300k, 400k, and 600k. We’re having the routes reviewed and getting in contact with hotels now. Expect an update in February with booking information. 

Lastly, we need to mention that COVID-19 and it’s variants are still surging and we need to do our part to maintain our safety and that of those around us. Please consider vaccination if you haven’t already, and utilize EPP, sanitizer, and masks during our brevets. At this point I’m not mandating anything the government isn’t. You should know by now what to do to keep yourself healthy! 

In the meantime, registration is up on the website and many have already started adding our events to the calendar. Get that trainer tire or winter bike warmed up, and starting putting in some base! 

See you on the road. 

Alex B
Ohio RBA 

2022 Ride Calendar

Mark your calendars:
March 12th - 200k
April 9th - 200k
April 30th - 300k
May 7th - Flèche
May 21st - 400k
June 4th - 600k

Registration is open.  That said, some details subject to change.

Going paperless - Electronic Proof of Passage (EPP)

This new site permits us to go mostly paperless.

If electing to use electronic proof of passage, you will need to upload your ride to a publicly available site (e.g., strava, ridewithgps).  Please ensure your ride is set to 'public' or similar availability.

After the ride, you will get an email with a link to a page where you should fill in your finish time and provide a link to your uploaded ride (e.g., or  Please do so as soon as you can so that final results may be submitted to RUSA.
You can even leave public comments on the ride from that same form.

In anticipation of potential GPS file corruption, it is recommended that you use a secondary (or even tertiary) documentation such as timestamped photos at each control and/or a completed brevet card.